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Volume 4 / Issue 1

Come along in this summery issue as we visit the beach (in our own backyards!), cool down with water balloon games, and invent ice cream sundaes. We'll learn how to treat everyone around us with kindness and equal love. Plus, guest writer Londa Yoder shares about life with her loyal, sunshiney brother with Down Syndrome, team member Savannah shares ideas for creative letter writing...and much more! 

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Volume 3 / Issue 4

We, as daughters of God, don't belong to this world. We're just passing through, our real home is heaven. This issue is both a call of comfort for when we ache and long for home, and a call to stir up when we find ourselves too comfortable here. Join us as we learn how seeing ourselves as "sojourners" impacts how we live. Plus, we'll also take a look inside a renovated 1975 camper, build an outdoor hideaway, and more!

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Volume 3 / Issue 3

This issue of Vibrant Girl Magazine is all about mothers and daughters. Cultivate the gift of a meaningful relationship with your mom, work through conflict, and find God in the midst of loss. You'll also find a photoshoot based on the classic book, Little Women (with quotes from "marmee"), tips to improve photography, watercolor notecards, spa recipes, and more! 

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Volume 3 / Issue 2

Ready to jump in and embrace living fully alive? Together, we'll learn what that looks like in both good times and tough times. Get to know a girl with a lung disease, discover 5 ways to help a hurting friend, soak up God's blessings with thankfulness, and invest in the two things what will last eternally. Plus, take a trip into the city, make your bedroom brighter, design your own shoes, make a scrapbook, solve two puzzles, and much more! 

Volume 3 / Issue 1

Pack your backpack, it is time for a grand adventure! As we head into the wilderness, we'll learn amazing facts about four different animals, create pretty crafts from twigs, read an exciting story (told with over 45 pictures!), and make our own adventure sack. Most importantly, through poetry, stories, testimonies, and more, we'll we will stand in awe of our Creator, and worship Him together. 

Volume 2 / Issue 4

Gather together as we take a look at meaningful friendships. Discover how, like gardens, relationships take careful cultivation. Bring back the lost art of conversation, see what readers are saying about their friendships, meet girls from seven different countries around the globe, dive into DIY tutorials, and throw a friendship garden tea! 

Volume 2 / Issue 3

This packed issue focuses on the Word of God. We'll take a journey to the land of Israel, gain 17 helpful hints for Bible Memory (plus 26 cut-out memory cards!), create Bible word art, enjoy a retelling of the exit from Egypt (through the eyes of a slave girl!), and discover 3 incredible reasons to depend on the Bible as the true written Word of God!

Volume 2 / Issue 2

Join us in this issue of Vibrant Girl as we learn how to love and honor the people we live closest with - our siblings! We'll gain tips for sharing bedroom space with sisters, find a free cut-out gift, learn from two fun short stories, debunk 5 lies about kids without siblings, travel to Greece & so much more!


Volume 2 / Issue 1

This issue of Vibrant Girl focuses on what our ministry is all about - the Gospel of Jesus Christ! We'll start by taking a look at what the Gospel actually is, hear about its impact in other girls' lives, learn from a short story, and challenge ourselves to share the Good News with others. Along the way we'll discover a cool crossword puzzle, figure out which sunglasses to pick for the summer, make yummy freezer ice cream and so much more!

Complete Volume Two Bundle!

Have all four issues of the second volume delivered to your doorstep... with one quick purchase! Includes the following four topics: 1. The Gospel (what the Gospel is, sharing the Good News) 2. Sibling relationships (serving one another) , 3. God's Word (how we know it is true, its importance in our lives), 4. Meaningful friendships (being intentional, connecting). 

Volume 1 / Issue 4

Join your friends at Vibrant Girl in reaching out in love to the world around us. This issue focuses on being a servant and discovering how girls can make a difference for Christ. Together, we will learn (in an age-appropriate manner) about problems in our world such as Human Trafficking. We'll also gain tips and ideas for babysitting, stay inspired with 7 bonus cut-out quotes, learn to arrange a springtime bouquet, find 5 tea party recipes, and more!

Volume 1 / Issue 3

Join Vibrant Girl as we learn together about why we should dress modestly, the dangers of obsessing over boys or anything other than Jesus, and our beautiful new identity as God's daughters. Plus, don't miss Kylie's exciting venture to help a family in crisis, make a delicious vanilla cinnamon latte, get crafty with an earphone keychain case and more inspiration and fun!

Volume 1 / Issue 2

In this issue of Vibrant Girl Magazine, grow with us in our relationship with God. Discover His love for you and the amazing delight of sitting quietly at His feet. Plus, you'll find 13 fun ways to use washi tape, 5 reasons to keep a journal ( and ways to make it fun!), organize your desk space, read a short story and so much more

Complete First Volume Bundle!

Have all four issues of the first volume delivered to your doorstep... with one quick purchase! Includes the following four topics: 1. Grace (redemption, extending grace to others) 2. Relationship with God (prayer, quiet time, His love) 3. Identity (focusing on Christ, modesty) 4. Reaching out (world crisis, serving, missions). 

 Volume 1 / Issue 1

Volume 1 / Issue 1

Volume 1 / Issue 1

Vibrant Girl Magazine kicks off with a premier issue centralized on the topic that the rest of our magazines our built upon; grace! In this colorful issue, we discover God's redeeming grace in our own lives as well as learn to extend that grace to people around us. Plus, come along with Kylie Wilson on an exciting family road trip, beat summer boredom with a fun checklist, have a pretty and classic picnic, and so much more! 

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