monica miller

EDITOR & FOUNDER: I’m twenty-one and just moved back to Colorado after four years in Thailand. The preteen to early teen years were defining for me. Offering guidance to other girls as they face those years is my passion. I’ve been hooked on creating publications ever since I picked up a design program at age twelve. I’m excited about growing with you as we seek to love Jesus with all our hearts. Welcome to Vibrant Girl!

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Jenny miller

CREATIVE ARTIST: I love being a mommy and a wife, and so much more than that.  My favorite days are when I connect on a heart level with a friend, or when I get to try out a new Pinterest project for my house.  I also get excited about planning and hosting parties, amateur photo shoots with friends, and spending time in beautiful nature.  I am thrilled to be a part of the Vibrant Girl team, and am passionate about helping young girls find a deep, daily relationship with their Heavenly Father. 

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CREATIVE ADVISER: I live in Thailand with my husband and two boys. They are my adventure of a lifetime! Some of the things that inspire me—rainy days, music, giggling children, true stories, and using something old in a new way. I’m on the journey with you of what it means to live loved by Father God and worship Him with my everything. I know this magazine will show you His heart for you!


Cheyenne Senseniq.jpg

cheyenne sensenig

ILLUSTRATOR:  I am a 19-year-old Third Culture Kid born in Canada, raised in China, and now living in Pennsylvania. I love Jesus and my hope is that this magazine will draw you to love and pursue God with your whole heart. I am honored to play a small part in that. Some of my favorite things are: traveling, drawing, painting, drinking coffee, jogging, good conversations with friends, and playing guitar.

Joyce and Londa.jpg

Joyce and Londa Yoder

SUBSCRIPTION MANAGERS: I, Londa, am 15 and have two younger brothers. I love books, cappuccino, sleepovers, stargazing, pretty journals, and one-on-one. Jesus is the reason for my joy and love!

I, Joyce, am the mother of this teenage daughter, Londa, and an Aunt to Monica. We live in ND on my husband's family farm. I love being a home school mom and helping my husband with his businesses. We love traveling, camping and doing things together as a family. 

Savannah Knepp.JPG

Savannah knepp

COLUMN WRITER: I live in Canon City, Colorado. I have three brothers and four sisters and am the seventh child. I love to shop, sew, talk with friends, crochet, drink coffee, play piano, draw, read and take joy in the little pleasures in life. Ladies like Elizabeth Elliot and Corrie Ten Boom inspire me. I love digging into God's word and being drawn closer to Him.

Alisha Mullet.jpg

ALisha Mullett

WRITER: For the most part, I’m a “regular” 16 year-old who enjoys writing, music, photography, and chocolate. On the other hand, I’m not “regular.” When I was three-months old, I had a heart transplant. I’ve been in and out of the hospital throughout my life. Although the doctors don’t know my life expectancy, I choose to enjoy my life to the fullest! Living as a child of Christ is what brings me the most joy!

Melody Swartzentruber.JPG

melody zimmerman

PHOTOGRAPHER: I am 19 and live in the heart of the Midwest in Memphis, Missouri. I'm find more of who He created me to be. He has given me the personality and gifts of a-artist and I am learning to use my art--whether it be in exceptional coffee, lifestyle photography, professional baking, or a host of other outlets--to bless and show Christ's love. I am a broken free-spirit learning what it means to be a bond-slave to Christ.


WRITER: I was a Colorado girl until I moved Chiang Mai, Thailand. A lot of my days are spent studying language and doing daycare for a ridiculously cute little girl. I enjoy brainstorming ideas, playing piano, watching my nephews’ latest antics, connecting with people one-on-one, and discovering more about our God!