In the years between 12-15, girls face the most defining moments of their lives.

They’re dreaming of the future, discovering their passions, and planting the root systems of what they believe about others, themselves and God.

But there are many voices that vie for a girl’s attention. How can she keep her way pure? She faces difficult battles. Maybe peers pressure her to be something she’s not, lies whisper in her ear, family relationships get tough, or fears threaten to overwhelm her.

How can a girl learn to cultivate her relationship with Jesus? How does she make Him her heart’s focus when life is confusing?

The word vibrant is defined as, “full of energy, life, color and enthusiasm.” This is the heart behind Vibrant Girl; to see girls turn to Jesus and live their lives with this kind of radiance.

Vibrant Girl Magazine was born to provide a fun, appealing, reliable and Biblically sound resource for Christian girls. Each full color issue is packed with fun illustrated stories, recipes, crafts, and articles written to inspire the women of tomorrow.


"Vibrant Girl’s beacon call to young ladies may be summarized as the singular pursuit of a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ. What does that passion for Christ look like and how will it be expressed? Nothing will prove a young ladies love for her savior more than a life of trusting obedience and holy surrender to the Lordship of Christ in every area of her life. This is Vibrant Girl’s call, it stands as a beacon to guide her passage through the treacherous waters of her young life and prevent shipwreck. I gladly endorse this publication."

-Evelyn Miller, Lilies Apparel, Mother of Eight

"Vibrant Girl magazine is true to it's name; colorful, expressive, and creative. In a society that continually pummels young girls with false messages about what makes them beautiful and significant, Vibrant Girl is a breath of fresh air, inviting young women to lives of authenticity, integrity, and passionate relationship with Jesus."

-Rachel Shrock, Daughters of Promise


“I am thrilled for so many needs to be met in one magazine! Fellowship with other like-minded girls in ‘the Faith’, Biblical Womanhood, character, victory through trials and temptations, domestic skills, missions outreach, and many of The Arts for God’s glory! Just what our daughters need to be refreshed, challenged and encouraged!”

- Ruth Ann Miller, Gospel Express Ministries, Mother of Five